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Embark on an epic journey filled with magic, monsters, and treasure in…

The Circle of Everwyr

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This summer, we’re running our first week-long campaign for players ages 10-14! With the wonderfully geeky events in store each morning before the D&D 5e game session, we’re all going to be learning new things to weave this epic tale together! So, new players are absolutely welcome, and encouraged to join up!

Each camp week begins on a Monday morning by kicking it off in Character Creation & Design, which will then be used to 3D print custom minis for each player to paint the following day during our Mini Painting Workshop! We’ll continue with other pro tips & tricks like: finding your personal creativity, how to share the spotlight, building a team together, gamifying group problem-solving skills, and even how to be a great Dungeon Master yourself!

Our week long D&D 5E day camp includes one-of-a-kind souvenirs, a Loot Token medallion for VIP discounts on optional in-store purchases, and hidden treasures to be unlocked during morning crafty events and some even in-game! Our camp weeks culminate on Fridays with an amazing finale to the story that each player has a direct hand in crafting its outcome. Join us and inspire your kids to discover what their imagination can really do, as they & their fellow adventurers conquer monstrous challenges, solve ancient mysteries in a creative and inclusive world-space unlike anything they’ve ever played before!! ⚔️

Registration is open to all gamer experience levels, all genders and backgrounds, the nature of The Circle of Everwyr promotes collaborative thinking and social mindfulness for ages 10-14.

Limited spots available!
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Unique Content & Activities Included:

  • Storycrafting: Create captivating tales with your party members that shape your worlds!
  • Character Design: Breathe life into your story with your very own mini, plus backstory tips from our pro DMs!
  • Miniature Painting Workshop: Learn from the pros to bring your imagination to the next level!
  • World Building: Piece together vibrant realms full to bursting with fantasy, wonder, and legendary challenges!

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The Circle of Everwyr!

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