Welcome to Piecemakers, your local PacNW 3D printing workshop dedicated to supporting tabletop gaming enthusiasts in the Portland area …and beyond!

We take pride in producing top-quality 3D prints for RPGs, tabletop games, cosplay, and unique fan art collections as well as fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of gamers. While we serve our neighbors with local events like Mini Painting Workshops and Free Game Nights at FLGSs such as Battle Grounds Gaming Cafe in NE PDX, TPK Brewing in SE, Guardian Games, and The Portland Game Store. We also ship our creations worldwide, ensuring that all fans everywhere can enjoy our craftsmanship and join us in breathing life into games all over!


What we value the most

At Piecemakers, we believe in the power of gaming to bring people together and build lasting connections. Our team brings decades of combined experience in 3D printing and gaming design to ensure that every piece we create meets the highest standards of quality and creativity. We strive to uphold values of inclusivity and equity, welcoming gamers of all backgrounds and experiences to join us in the joy of informed and compassionate play. Our mission is to make gaming affordable and fun by empowering the imagination to even more realistic expression through 3D printing.

Breath Life into your Games with Piecemakers!
Join us in bringing your gaming visions to reality, one incredible sculpt at a time!

What is now printed was before merely imagined.

– William Blake

Where it all began

Founded with a shared love for exceptional design and a passion for empowering imaginative expression within the gaming hobby, Piecemakers began its journey as a collaborative endeavor driven by a team of enthusiasts deeply rooted in the worlds of D&D, tabletop RPGs, and painting miniatures/terrain/dioramas. What started as a small-scale operation to bring custom tabletop gaming accessories to our local community soon bloomed into a dynamic source of inspiration – committed to delivering meticulously crafted 3D prints that merge boundless creativity with durable functionality.

Guided by a dedication to quality & innovation, we take pride in offering a diverse array of customizable miniatures, props, and terrain pieces that elevate gaming experiences to new heights. Our enduring mission is to breathe life into your endless imagined realms, empowering players to immerse themselves fully in their adventures through the marvel of 3D printing.

At Piecemakers, we’re passionate about merging exceptional design with imaginative expression to elevate your tabletop gaming experiences. From our roots in D&D and tabletop RPGs to a dynamic enterprise delivering meticulously crafted 3D prints, we’re dedicated to empowering players to immerse themselves fully in their adventures.

Join us in bringing your imagination to interactive reality with our diverse talents in geeky miniatures, fan art props, tabletop gaming terrain pieces, and more!

Breathe Life into your Games!

Meet our founder

As the visionary behind Piecemakers, with a profound love for tabletop gaming and a relentless pursuit of creative excellence, Jonathan Myra embarked on a journey to revolutionize the gaming accessory market. Their dedication to merging traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology has been the driving force behind the development of our extensive collection of 3D printed miniatures, props, and terrain pieces. With decades of experience in both gaming and 3D printing, our founder has transformed Piecemakers into a haven for gamers seeking to enhance their role-playing experiences with bespoke, high-quality creations.

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