Unleash the ultimate villain with our stunning Tiamat, Vile Goddess of Evil Dragonkind miniature.

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Introducing Tiamat, Vile Goddess of Evil Dragonkind – a stunning 3D printed miniature that brings the ultimate villain to your tabletop RPG game. The intricate details and lifelike features of the model are unmatched, and it’s no surprise that Tiamat is a favorite among players and collectors alike. Bring the ultimate evil to your gaming experience and make a statement with Tiamat that’ll have your “intrepid heroes” running for their puny lives!

All of our incredible prints are shipped unassembled & unpainted unless otherwise specified. For those unfamiliar with the descriptors in our listings’ variations: “Unprimed” refers to the basic state of an item, after being fully trimmed, washed, and cured, whereas “Primed” means further steps have been taken by our pro team to bring your item(s) to a paint-ready status upon arrival to you, and “Magnetized” (where applicable) is the term for adding/embedding magnets to the model for any number of clever reasons (swapping loadouts, securing hinged parts, etc.)
In line with the nature of 3D-printing processes, each model may be produced in multiple pieces for the highest possible quality of finished product, post-assembly, though construction of these kits has been painstakingly refined to be the simplest version available – often being an improvement upon the original sculptors’ methods, too!

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, and we’ll look forward to breathing life into your games every single time! 😀

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